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We walk the property with you as the landlord & will go over any necessary repairs or alterations. A safety check is done for your property & if needed referrals are made for cleaning, painting & removal services. We ensure your property is in excellent condition entering the rental market so that same standard can be upheld when the tenants return your property to you.

Tenant Screening

Each applicant is throughly screened before they are allowed to view your property. The application process consists of a criminal background check, eviction and credit check, employment verification and rental history. It is our top priority to ensure the accepted tenant is throughly qualified and the perfect fit for your home.

Rent Collection

With Online Rent Payment, Collection is Prompt and Easy. Long gone are the days of dropping checks in the mail. With a rent payment tool directly on our website, we can ensure that rent is paid seamlessly and efficiently. There is no additional fee for online payment via bank account and tenants even have the option of using a credit card. We recognize the importance of timely rental payments so that expense payments can be made. Tenants who have not paid rent by the 5th of the month will receive reminders via email and phone. We follow up consistently until the rent is paid.

Tenant Requests

We Field all Tenant Requests, Alleviating You of any Hassle. With vast experience in handling tenant requests, we know exactly what residents expect. Through our custom request tracking system, our clients save time and money while we maintain satisfied tenants. Same-day response is provided to confirm all requests are received and our team can be conveniently contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via phone, email or through our website.

Repair and Maintenance Issues

When Maintenance or Repair is Required, We Ensure the Job is Done Quickly, Correctly and Cost Efficiently. By providing quick responses to all issues, we help keep small problems from getting bigger. Assistance is provided with maintenance of items like HVAC systems, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, and more. We can help you find the best price possible and make sure each job is of the highest quality and performed by insured, reliable companies.

Lease and Lease Renewal Preparation

Never Use an Inadequate or Incorrect Lease Again. We provide proper lease documentation to ensure you have the paperwork protection you need by tailoring each document to the specific requirements of the apartment or townhome. We prepare lease renewals to properly document tenant extensions and assist on both rent stabilized and free market leases. We are kept well informed of any changes in laws to guarantee you are up-to-date on current regulations.

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